The most popular street food in its most delicious version
Daily Taste produces a wide variety of fresh sandwiches specially packaged for local stores and small retail.

Daily Taste ready sandwiches combine a strict selection of ingredients, certified standardization and maximum convenience. They are stored at 0-5°C and can be served as is, cold from the fridge, or hot from the microwave or toaster.

Daily Taste to-go sandwiches are available every day at hundreds of retail stores, bakeries and coffee shops. The company’s customers can choose:

  • Creating codes based on your needs: type of bread (baguette, panini, brioche, croissant, Arabic pie), ingredients (cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables, salmon).
  • Packaging design

To order sandwiches that suit your business customers’ preferences, contact us and find out what Daily Taste can do for your business.